Monthly Notes — February

Monthly Notes — February

Our February diary is a tribute to our winter sojourns in Paris. Here is what we have been loving.

Basak & Defne


A Man and A Woman, Claude Lelouch 

We find a lot to relate to in Lelouch’s film – Rainy commutes between Paris and Deauville (where you can find Nackiyé pieces at Anne - coincidentally sharing the protagonist’s name), elegant Anouk Aimée in sheepskin buying groceries, huge waves beating the winter beach, cold weather sailing, children under the weather, even camels! But most of all, the poignant but cosy love story between a man and a woman.


Mark Rothko at Fondation Louis Vuitton

Music to our eyes.

Follow up with a walk through Bois de Boulogne towards the 16th arrondissement and end up at Cravan, our favourite cocktail place. 


Ogata Paris

Ogata is not just a restaurant but an experience to immerse ourselves in. We love visiting its temple-like rooms for sipping tea or spirits, buying exceptional gifts, or having languid lunches.


BNF Richelieu Library

Whenever we need to take a mental break between running from one appointment to the other we wander into the birthplace of Bibliothèque nationale de France. There is something quite wonderful and gratifying about feeling so small in its iconic, majestic Oval Room. 



We recently discovered Recoin by Florent Ciccoli, who also owns one of our favourite easy going neighbourhood cafe/bistros, Cafe du Coin. Visit Recoin for a three course lunch or small shared dinner plates. All paired with carefully sourced, delicious wine.



Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

We love following Sally Jay Gorce on her quest for looking for love and meaning in Paris’ Left Bank in the 50s. Part Carrie Bradshaw, part Bridget Jones, she is near and dear to our hearts and she is SO FUNNY. We leave it to the New York Review of Books to describe it: “Edith Wharton and Henry James wrote about the American girl abroad, but it was Elaine Dundy’s Sally Jay Gorce who told us what she was really thinking.”


Sophie Fontanel, Vogue FR

Listen to Sophie as she gives a tour of her beautiful apartment overlooking Tuileries Garden – 9 minutes of invaluable insights about life, work, fashion.



Salon David Mallett

Talking about Anouk Aimée… there is nothing that makes us feel better in the dead of the winter than our hair getting pampered. We have been religiously visiting David’s gorgeous salon for years and recommend you to do the same. 


Jagger Pants and Fisherman Overcoat in Cat from our new Resort 24 Collection. 

The perfect outfit to explore Paris, seen here on Ramya Giangola. Thank you Asia Typek for snapping!



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